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—a blog—

Some time back, I created a novel-oriented blog called The Purple Parchment. I liked that name so much that I decided to keep it when I imported its posts into this site.

I’ve organized my blog posts into three categories.

Section 1: FASCINATING FACTS covers a variety of subjects related to the first century: agriculture, cities, houses, language, rural places, slavery, travel, women, etc.

Section 2: CHARACTERS gives insights into the historical characters—Nero, Otho (on the coin), Poppaea Sabina (at right), and the Flavians: Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, and Flavia Domitilla—and the fictional characters—Theodosia, Alexander, Stefan, Nikolaos—who populate my novels.

Section 3: WRITING CHALLENGES discusses issues that arise in the course of writing historical fiction, problems to be solved, etc. Writers deal with people from long ago (Real People in Historical Fiction) and have to get their ancient speech right (Avoiding Jabberwocky and So, how would they talk?)

Except as noted, all blog content is © Martha Marks.