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—novelist and photographer Martha Marks

My Fiction

Rubies of the ViperRUBIES OF THE VIPER ,
A fast-paced romantic-suspense novel set in first-century Rome, at the time of the Emperors Claudius and Nero (AD 53-56). 336 pages, 117,000 words

Paperback $13.46 US
Kindle $2.99 US
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Amazon: 4 of 5 stars by 160+ readers
Goodreads: 3.5 of 5 stars by 190+ readers

To enhance your understanding of the Roman world in AD 53-56, download a map of places mentioned in the book (97 KB PDF)

My Photography

TinySlideCliff_Chipmunk1I invite you to visit my dedicated stock photo website: BestNatureStock.com

Birds. Beasts. Bugs. Plants. Places.

I’ve been “shooting” ’em for three decades and have a portfolio of high-quality images, many of which have appeared in National Geographic’s Birds of North America, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Birder’s World, Chicago Wilderness Magazine, and other publications and websites.

So if you’re looking to license great images of natural subjects for your own creative projects, BestNatureStock.com is the place to be. You’ll also find photos of important historical sites in the southwest.




My Blog

THE PURPLE PARCHMENT: Fascinating Facts About the First-century Roman World offers a wealth of additional information about the ancient characters, places, and cultures brought to life in my novel, RUBIES OF THE VIPER.